Pastel Painting Workshop

Online from the comfort of your home around your busy schedule

Wouldn’t you want to learn from someone who studied pastels at The National Academy School of Fine Arts, as a Merit Scholarship Student under Harvey Dinnerstein? Harvey, is considered the leader in pastel as a full painting medium. Timothy John-Luke Smith, is an elected Signature Member of The Pastel Society of America, The Allied Artists of America, and the recipient of countless local, regional, national, and international awards for his pastel paintings.

Study with a proven pastel painter with an education, and working experience who will take your pastel painting to the next level.

A Rare One-on-One Workshop Experience

Full-time job? No problem, Responsibilities that keep you from traveling? No problem. I will work around your schedule and as life happens, we can always reschedule the next session that works best for us both. This is art education for grown-ups with lives.

“Ball Court”
Pastel on Wood Panel
By Timothy John-Luke Smith

What You Will Learn

  1. The best pastel brand for each stage of a pastel painting
  2. How to plan and create a pastel portrait painting from start to finish
  3. How to use my unique “Pastel Palette Method”
  4. How to see the light as it moves across the subject you are painting
  5. How to recognize major anatomical landmarks in your subject
  6. How to preserve and frame your painting
  7. How to photograph your work
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What is included with your workshop?

  1. A hand-prepared wood panel with a line drawing for our project
  2. The tools needed to use the “Pastel Palette Method” (Palette, Sand Paper, Triangles)
  3. A recorded video of your workshop sessions to go back and relisten.
  4. After workshop completion, you have the ability to enter the Mentorship Program

9- 2 Hour session, One-on-One, Pastel Workshop for Only 399.00

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