Paintedglyphs is Back!

A year ago I took my Paintedglyphs website offline. I had that domain for over 20 years. I knew I had to pivot to a new website which is There, I am able to sell my Airbrush India Inks and the Customized Xtreme Patriot Arrow. That website has become a commercial success for me; However, I felt like there was something missing that Paintedglyphs fulfilled. This domain was part of my artist’s journey but also a part of my life’s journey over the years.

I love my airbrush journey and sharing all the technical breakthroughs with that community. It is very satisfying but it does not fill the hole that Paintedglyphs left. I still need to continue documenting my artist’s journey by documenting my pastel paintings and graphite drawings. I need to share my thoughts on painting and my thoughts on just me and my perspective.

I am excited that Paintedglyphs is back. This site documented my life as an artist and as a person living in this beautiful, strange, and sometimes the scary world is now restored. I hope to share my work, my hopes, and my dreams to inspire and introduce myself to the world with each post.


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