July 5, 2022

Charting the Course

I want those two men to meet one day in me. I know that I have a road to travel before they meet in the mirror and in my life. I am an artist, I did not choose art, it chose me. I am also a teacher and that is something that I was born into as well. God, will direct our steps when we are obedient to Him. Even though I am getting older, I still feel young in my thinking. In the Bible it reads that a double-minded man is like a ship without a sail. I am through being double-minded.

For the first time in my life I am choosing a course and I am going to be steadfast. The Vikings used to burn their boats when they reached the shore of a foreign land. I too need to burn my boats. There is no success nor is there failure. There is only charting the course and leaving the rest up to God. During the rough patches, I will praise God, and during the good times, I will also praise God.

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